Molly Devine: Wanderer

September 25, 2020
Molly Devine

Dunedin musician Molly Devine has released the single ‘Wanderer.’

Coming off the tour of her previous single ‘Call Me Up’, Devine found herself at home alone with her thoughts during the lockdown. Devine, who teaches a music school out of her front room, used the opportunity as a means to produce her own original music. In the past, Devine has worked with New Zealand songwriters and producers Nik Brinkman, Nigel Stanford, and Will Henderson. ‘Wanderer’ marks the first single that Devine has written and produced completely on her own. 

‘Wanderer’ has a different feel to Devines previous works, gone are the electronic and R&B elements, instead, Devine embraces more of a classical sound that works incredibly well. ‘Wanderer’ is built around an intricate guitar pattern played by Melbourne based classical guitarist and music teacher Jayendra Birchall. ‘Wanderer’ is a beautiful song. Devine gives an outstanding vocal performance and the background harmonies give the song a very powerful sound. 

Devine has a euphonious sounding voice that lends itself incredibly well to the already very elegant instrumental backing. The piano, guitar, and vocal tracks compliment each other perfectly and give the song a very epic feel. The music video is incredibly shot and matches the mystical, intricate tone of the song.

Devine has more singles lined up for release over the coming months so she is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.  

You can stream the song here:

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