Mo Muse Shares Three New Singles

September 14, 2020
Mo Muse

Mo Muse comes out swinging with three new singles.

Releasing his acclaimed full-length project ‘The First Generation LP’ in 2019, Mo Muse has continued to solidify himself as one of the countries top MC’s.

The three tracks, ‘Lighters Up’, ‘Thoughts’ and ‘Oh!’ mark Mo Muses first solo releases of 2020. The tracks are a myriad of slick rhymes and wordplay seeing Muse flex his penmanship.

Enlisting New Zealand hip-hop icon David Dallas on ‘Lighters Up’, the track is a powerful testament to Muse’s position in the scene. After appearing on Dallas’s 64 bar series, the collaboration is an almost passing of the torch moment. Overtop of soulful and jazzy production courtesy of Chirstcurch producer Infectiouss, ‘Lighters Up’ is a standout release.

‘Thoughts’ and ‘Oh!’ express different sides to Muse’s artistry. ‘Thoughts’ features the versatile Auckland based Pharoah Swami and is an ominous ode to Mo’s struggle to maintain a romantic relationship amid his ascending music career. ‘Oh!’ is 2-minutes of rap bravado and wordplay seeing Muse talk his talk.

The three tracks are versatile and are an excellent testament to Mo Muse’s continued work ethic and talent.

Check out the tracks below.

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