Mixed vege: Two Minute Noodles

July 18, 2020

Mixed vege has released his debut EP “Two Minute Noodles.” 

Mixed vege is the alias of Rodney Fisher, known by his role as the frontman in the acclaimed New Zealand band Goodshirt. 

“Two Minute Noodles” is an interesting blend of electronic music with elements of rock. The opening track “Adore You” sees a chugging distorted guitar played alongside an electronic beat whilst Fisher’s auto-tuned, futuristic style vocals are sung over top. 

Much of the EP sticks to this similar structure of blending elements, but each track feels unique and Fisher never becomes predictable. “Won’t Get Far” is the hardest hitting cut on the EP, being the most guitar-oriented song. “Won’t Get Far” has a catchy hook and is a fun up-tempo pop song. 

Newcomer Liana Burn makes an appearance on the song “Lover.” Burn lends herself incredibly well to the style that Fisher achieves on this EP and “Lover” is one of the highlights of the EP. Fisher gives a strong vocal performance throughout the EP. Fisher employs the use of auto-tune which typically isn’t present in his songs. For the sound he achieves on this EP, the effect pays off well.

“Outta Control” is another catchy guitar-oriented song with a lead melody that harkens back to the likes of The Strokes. Fisher’s vocal melodies shine through on this cut and the melody makes it a fun song to sing along to. 

“Two Minute Noodles” rounds out with the instrumental track “Sleep Would Be Nice.” This track closes the EP in a bold, emotional way. “Sleep Would Be Nice” is a piano and keys track that captures the emotion of the album perfectly. Despite its lack of lyrical content, there is a heartfelt sense of frustration and ambition to the song. 

“Two Minute Noodles” is an experiment and one that works well. At the very core of the songs you can hear the outside of the box, catchy songwriting that made Goodshirt so captivating in the early 2000s. “Two Minute Noodles” is a strong debut release aptly named as every song is two minutes long. Mixed vege has a contemporary sound and the songs feel just like they’re named; short experimental two minute noodles.“Two Minute Noodles” stands out from Fisher’s previous body of work but he keeps that same flair that made his previous efforts so successful whilst also standing out enough for it to feel unique.

You can stream the EP here; 

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