MCK: Muse

August 24, 2020
MCK Muse

Auckland based artist and producer MCK has released the new single ‘Muse’ from her upcoming EP.

McKenzie Comer (MCK) has been turning heads in the music industry since she was a teenager. She first caught the attention of a Nashville music executive who found her on YouTube in 2010. Since then MCK has focused her time on independently honing her craft. ‘Muse’ is a testament to her work as a songwriter and producer.

Coming off the back of the release of her self-produced EP ‘CONFESSIONS’ earlier this year, ‘Muse’ sees MCK continuing to build on her sound and offers a promising look into her upcoming EP.

‘Muse’ blends elements of Pop and R&B and it does it effectively. The track was co-written and co-produced with New Zealand artist and producer Josh Naley (Wells), in what has been an ongoing collaboration for the pair. ‘Muse’ is a cohesive blending of each artist’s style and as a result of this, the song has a unique sound. The chorus is catchy, but there are also strong instrumental hooks throughout the song which is a testament to the producing both Wells and MCK have.

‘Muse’ is a song that is inspired by an admirer’s gaze and the thrill of the chase. ‘Muse’ is a very romanticised and self-empowering song. Lyrically MCK is singing about the sense of self-worth and empowerment that comes from having an admirer. MCK has a lot of vocal depth and range to her voice and offers a fantastic vocal performance on ‘Muse.’

‘Muse’ is a promising first look at MCK’s upcoming EP. MCK is an artist who showcases a lot of potential. ‘Muse’ has solidified her place as one to watch on the New Zealand music scene.

Check out Muse below.

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