Matthew Young: Just Hold Tight

March 23, 2020
Matthew Young

New Zealand R&B Prince Mathew Young has released a new song and accompanying music video “Just Hold Tight”. Orchestrated from the comfort of his own home as he waits out his self-isolation period in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Young, having just returned from overseas has found himself in an imposed quarantine, a situation that is soon to become the new normal for every New Zealander. “Just Hold Tight” is a heartwarming, reassuring song during this time of uncertainty. The melancholic guitar licks accompanied by the warm drum beat create a soothing rhythmic pattern that gives “Just Hold Tight” a catchy melody that runs throughout the track.

Lyrically, Young captures the moment perfectly. “Just Hold Tight” reads like a love letter to someone who he can’t see until his period of quarantine has passed. Young reassures them that “It’s not our last goodbye” before dwelling on what life was like before this pandemic and how they would soon be back to an easier life “Back when Corona came with a squeeze of lime.”

“Just Hold Tight” is, in essence, a screenshot of a significant moment in human history. The accompanying music video is almost like a documentary, capturing what life is like for Young in self-isolation. The music video shows the monotony of quarantining capturing the day by day activities of Young and how little they change; wake up, eat breakfast, record music, play video games, watch tv, repeat. Filmed entirely by Young and documenting Young, the video for “Just Hold Tight” is surprisingly engaging and never becomes a bore to watch. The quick transitions and variety of shots keep the video interesting throughout its run time. In a bid to delight video game and anime fans, Young has littered easter eggs of media that he has been consuming throughout his self-isolation so that eager fans can see exactly what he has been reading and playing.

“Just Hold Tight” is the perfect song for this moment in time. As New Zealand prepares to enter into the country’s first lockdown in history, Young with “Just Hold Tight” has humanised self-isolation. The track is a perfect demonstration of how self-isolation and social distancing can be a time for reflection, for creativity, for self-improvement. The lyrical elements demonstrate that Young too, has a feeling of unease and panic but he also has optimism and is reassuring both himself and the listener that things will return to normal. This a vital period in time and the tedious nature of quarantine is essential to saving lives.

“Just Hold Tight” is the perfect song to put on in your living room and dance to while social distancing.

You can watch the music video here

You can stream the song here

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