LUCi – A World Without The Sun

December 4, 2019

Dripping with authentic emotion and layered with crooning and melodic vocals, LUCi’s new album ‘A World Without The Sun’ represents a coming of age story for the Wellington artist.

Beginning as a busker in Auckland, LUCi began to dabble in experimental music after making the move to Wellington to study music. Part of the esteemed NVRSFT crew, LUCi has been spending his time developing his unique sound, which is reminiscent of the golden age of early underground emo inspired music.

Recorded and composed in Wellington, the 7-track album follows LUCi’s clouded encounters through heartbreak, anxiety, and addiction. Made with frequent collaborator Sadeiz, ‘A World Without The Sun’ is a guided journey through the artists evolving state of mind. The 7 tracks are deeply personal and touching, with stripped-back and melancholic production allowing LUCI’s brooding and distinct vocals to shine.

The album builds momentum throughout the 7 tracks and is filled with enough creative diversity as to where each song has enough merit to stand on its own. ‘A World Without The Sun’ sees LUCi vulnerable, and it is this vulnerability that provides the base for some exceptional moments of songwriting.

Check out the album for yourself below;

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