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October 4, 2019
LBFR Mikey

Hypnotic melodies and emotive lyrics layer the songs of LBFRmikey’s music. Originally born in the UK, the London native moved to New Zealand as a young child. After traveling the globe, the talented artist has set up shop in Wellington. Now linking with the NVRSFT crew, the young performer has only continued to expand his impressive portfolio. With a string of hits released, including ‘Don’t Rain On Me’, produced by long-time friend and collaborator Dub A, LBFRmikey has had a stellar 2019. We caught up with him in Wellington to have a chat about his story, how he started making music, and his journey leading up to meeting the NVRSFT crew. Check it out below;

“I was born in the UK in London, but my dad is from New Zealand so we eventually came back over these ways. I first met Dub A when I moved over here, we pretty much grew up together and just hung out every day playing football and skating.

“After a while, I eventually started falling in love with hip-hop. Dub bought his first DJ decks and started sampling all of our favourite tracks and we just started mucking around and started making music. It was fucking terrible at first. We obviously grew from there and found the confidence to start posting on Soundcloud, which was the start of it all.

“Dub ended up moving over to Perth, and I just kept on doing my solo stuff over here. We’d always be sending each other shit and he’d still be mixing all of my tracks. Dub ended getting some mad connections and was working with Lil Peep and some other big names. He started growing more as a producer, which helped the whole LBFR crew grow more as well. We kept blossoming and both ended up on a plane over to the UK and spent about 11 months there. We were in London for about five months and working at all these festivals doing shitty jobs just to get by. But at the same time, we were working on music and linking with people up North like High Focus, Jack Jetson and 20/20. 

“We really just kept growing and collaborating with more and more artists. Dub’s visa was running out so eventually we ended up back in Perth where he was staying before. I stayed with him and his family and we were just making music all the time. We started to do our first live shows in Perth and learned more about the industry.

“Eventually, I ended up back in Wellington, and Dub came as well. About a year ago I started linking with Chronic Shnxmxn and all the other NVRSFT boys. It was really natural, just every weekend we would meet up and start making music together, and go on crazy benders together haha. But we ended up making some really cool music, so it was all worth it. 

“I’ve known Dub forever, he’s a part of LBFR as well and use to produce pretty much everything that I use to make. The bros got a kid on the way, and has a lot to focus on at the moment. So he’s settling back and focusing on fatherhood. He’s a fire producer and has worked with so many fire artists.”

Check out the music video for ‘Don’t Rain On Me’, Produced by long-time collaborator and friend Dub A;

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