Keith Aaron: Conversations

July 31, 2020

Christchurch based R&B artist Keith Aaron has released his new single “Conversations.” 

Originally from the Philippines, the now Christchurch based musician has had a busy year. Coming off the release of his EP “Private Pool Party” in January, he subsequently followed that release up with two further singles: “Don’t Need a Lot” and “More to Share.” 

“Conversations” is the latest moody, guitar-based R&B song in Aaron’s catalogue. “Conversations” is a very personal song. In the track, Aaron opens himself up to his audience and sings about what he describes as “a weird and unusual time of my life.”

“Conversations” is more stripped back than most of Aaron’s other music. The song predominantly features two guitar tracks, and Aaron having a conversation with himself in the form of vocal overdubs. The technique is effective, and it allows Aaron to blatantly express his thoughts and feelings to his audience. Aaron has a subtly powerful vocal style. You can hear the range and depth to his voice but he doesn’t perform needless vocal gymnastics. His vocal performance on “Conversations” is fantastic. His dubbed melodies sound effective and suit the overall moody nature of the track. 

Aaron is talented at crafting catchy rhythms and melodies. “Conversations” is a continuation of the sound that he defined on his “Private Pool Party” EP, just more stripped back. Even without the additional instrumentation, “Conversations” highlights Aaron’s ability as a guitarist and vocalist. 

Keith Aaron is quickly building up an impressive library of songs. If you’re a fan of R&B then he is definitely an artist who is worth checking out. 

You can stream “Conversations” here; 

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