Jordan Gavet: Do Better

March 28, 2020
Jordan Gavet

Rising New Zealand R&B artist Jordan Gavet has released the music video for her new hit single “Do Better”. Directed by Shae Sterling and styled by Sammy Salsa “Do Better” is an empowering anthem about learning from the past and bettering yourself. 

“Do Better” is an upbeat empowering R&B song. At its core the song is about moving on, finding your self-worth and doing better. Gavet’s vocal performance is very captivating and uplifting. You can hear the joy in her voice, especially in the chorus, which acts as a call to arms for not only herself but for the listener to do “better than the last, better than the past.” Produced by collaborator Willstah, who has worked with the likes of Ariana Grande and DJ Mustard amongst others, “Do Better” is an uplifting anthem that will inspire you and get you dancing uncontrollably. Gavet gives a powerful performance that showcases her dynamic capability as a vocalist. 

“Do Better” marks the second time Gavet has worked with director Sammy Salsa. The pair collaborated on Gavet’s debut single “Hesitation” which showcased the Auckland suburb of Avondale. Aesthetically and stylistically the video for “Do Better” captures the spirit of the song perfectly. The video explores the multiple facets of Gavet; “The boss bitch,” “the girl that can do both,” “the wifey material,” and “that all glowed up girl.” The video moves through each facet focusing on the different aspects of Gavet before jumping back and forth between them in the climax of the song. 

Praise has to be given to the stylistic choices made. Each facet is represented by one dominant colour worn by Gavet and her backup dancers. The video mesmerizingly transitions through various aesthetics from pink to blue to peach to purple and back and forth. Gavet and her background dancers give a captivating performance with each different facet represented with different dance moves that suits the aesthetic of Gavet’s character in that particular section of the video. 

“Do Better” is an excellent single. Gavet continues to showcase her talent as a songwriter and is proving to be one of New Zealand’s next big stars to watch. 

You can watch the video here 

You can stream “Do Better” here 

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