Jed Parsons: Brunch

February 19, 2021
Jed Parsons

Jed Parsons releases his anticipated new album, ‘Brunch’.

Packed full of Parsons signature charisma and charm, ‘Brunch’ is a refreshing slice of indie-pop. Featuring an array of witty lines, romantic intimacy and eccentricity, ‘Brunch’ is a captivating ride from start to finish.

‘Brunch’ includes Parsons four previously released singles, ‘Feeling Sad’, ‘Sad Together’, ‘She’s The One’ and ‘Playstation and Porn’ and includes six new songs. 

New on ‘Brunch’ is stand out track ‘Get Desperate’, which nearly was left out of the album entirely. Speaking on the track Parsons explains, “usually if a song hasn’t organically found its final form in a timely fashion I’d tell it to piss off and move on. There was something about the guitar part that I couldn’t let go of. It ended up being a song about the complacency of a middle-class loveless relationship, where the only passion left is driven by lack of income and other boring problems.”

The album is also home to a myriad of talented collaborators, with Parsons taking sole writing credit while sharing production credits with Josh Logan and Lee Prebble. Also providing instrumentation on the album are musicians Aaron Stewart (Fly My Pretties, Mel Parsons), Miharo Gregory (L.A.B), Oliver Devlin (Hans Pucket), Josh Logan and Tom Knowles.

Parsons sound is a culmination of his rich and varied background as a touring musician. ‘Brunch’ builds on the release of his critically-acclaimed debut album ‘Midnight Feast’, which earned him a nomination for Auckland Live Best Independent Debut at the 2019 Taite Music Prize.

You can stream ‘Brunch’ below.

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