James Lindsay: You Up

May 2, 2020

Wellington-based musician James Lindsay has released his new single “You Up?”

Having spent his high school years busking on the streets of Christchurch, Lindsay recently relocated to Wellington where he has become a part of the thriving music scene.

“You Up?” is the first single Lindsay has released since his 2019 EP “I Made This In My Bedroom.” “You Up?” sits nicely within Lindsay’s catalogue of fun, catchy pop songs. Lindsay wrote, recorded, produced and released the track all during the Covid-19 lockdown which is a testament to his talent and ability as a musician.

“You Up?” is mixed incredibly well, there is a lot of life to the track. Lindsay jam packs a lot of instrumentation into the 1:54 run time. Dual acoustic guitars drive the track with keyboards dropping in and out as well as samples of people laughing. It makes “You Up?” a very uplifting song. Lindsay delivers an excellent vocal performance and the lovesick lyrics hit perfectly in a time when so many people are missing each other. “You Up?” is an incredibly fun and catchy pop song with a lot of earworm potential.

You can check it out below.

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