James Lindsay: Friends 2

June 12, 2020
James Lindsay

Wellington musician James Lindsay has released his new single “Friends 2”.

Having spent most of his high school years busking around his hometown in Christchurch, Lindsay moved to Wellington to further his career and is quickly amassing an impressive catalogue of songs. Coming off of the back of his recent release “You Up?” Lindsay has released another impressive single. 

“Friends 2” is a continuation of Lindsay’s first single “Friends (Here I Go Again)” taken from his 2019 EP “I MADE THIS IN MY BEDROOM.” The two songs portray the progression of a relationship. “Friends (Here I Go Again)” uses an acoustic guitar as the main instrument and has a very upbeat feel to the song. Meanwhile “Friends 2” has a more downbeat feel to it and is played on an electric guitar. 

Lindsay is very skilled at crafting catchy pop choruses and “Friends 2” is a good example of that. Even though lyrically the song is a little darker in tone and less optimistic than “Friends (Here I go Again)”, it’s still a fun catchy tune. Lindsay layers tracks together to create a very full sound; the underlying sustained keyboard blends together with the two guitar tracks perfectly with the beat to create a fun, catchy rhythm. 

Lindsay again delivers another great vocal performance. Lindsay has a fantastic singing style, his vocals are very smooth and he has a good cadence to his lyricism. “Friends 2” depicts a relationship between two people that isn’t ideal. It’s a very relatable song about the frustrations of dating and will be relatable to almost anyone who listens to it. 

James Lindsay is building an impressive repertoire of songs. “Friends 2” is a catchy song and although it is a little more serious than his previous outings, it is still a fun listen. 

You can listen to the song here; 

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