Jack Panther: This Dream I Had

November 14, 2020
Jack Panther

Wellington-based Indie Pop artist Jack Panther has released his long-awaited EP ‘This Dream I Had.’ 

‘This Dream I Had’ is a six-song EP that follows the release of a slur of singles from this artist including ‘This Dream,’ ‘Headlights,’ and ‘Sleep,’ all of which make an appearance on the tracklisting. From the opening tack on the EP Jack Panther tells a narrative of summer love, long-distance relationships and heartbreak. Panther intertwines personal experiences and relatable feelings within his songwriting which gives him his own unique style of vulnerable and brooding Indie-Pop.  

‘Power’ sees Panther obsessing over someone with the chorus hook being ‘it’s the power of love.’ Jack Panther delivers one of his strongest vocal performances of the EP on this track. The overdubbed vocal tracks blended with the orchestral backing make ‘Power’ an inherently catchy and uplifting song despite the heartbreaking lyrical content. 

‘This Dream’ opens with a soothing guitar mixed with the ambience of a stream which gives the song a very dream-like sound from the opening bar. ‘The Dream’ demonstrates Panther’s capability to write not only catchy Pop songs but interesting melodies and hooks. 

‘Headlights’ is a catchy song that is more uptempo than ‘This Dream.’ ‘Headlights’ is the upbeat Pop anthem of the EP that acts as a nice bridge between some of the more emotional tracks. ‘Sleep’ is the most vulnerable track on the EP. The lyrics were written as a diary entry on a trip to see his now ex-partner in Dubai. The hauntingly beautiful guitar track brings forth the emotional torment within the song and compliments the lyrics perfectly. 

‘Crawl’ closes off the EP and showcases what makes Panther such a compelling songwriter. The instrumental hooks are drenched in a beautiful ambience that highlights the vulnerability and emotion in the lyrics. 

‘This Dream I Had’ is a strong outing from the Indie-Pop artist. Jack Panther shows an immense amount of creativity on this project. ‘This Dream I Had’ sees Jack Panther being open and vulnerable to his audience and in doing so he gives the EP an emotional depth that makes the songs that much more compelling. 

You can listen to the EP here.

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