Jack Page: Play That Too

March 19, 2021

Jack Page releases the sultry new single ‘Play That Too’.

A smooth and soulful release, ‘Play That Too’ sees Page exploring the turbulent feelings of a breakup. Overtop of fierce horns and dynamic drums, Page vents and shares an all too relatable experience of frustration.

Co-produced with platinum award-winning producer Devin Abrams, ‘Play That Too’ is an incredible piece of production. Live instrumentation adds a sense of power to the track, and Page’s delivery blends with the energy and mood of the production in a delicious harmony.

With roots as a live and session musician Page is looking to step into the spotlight with his original material. Throughout his music Page’s songwriting is intimate and refined. Elements of R&B, Soul and Jazz all shine across his catalogue, and ‘Play That Too’ is another fantastic example of Page’s capabilities as a producer and song-writer.

You can check out the track below.