Hybrid Rose: Mr Spaceman

April 2, 2020
hybrid rose

Wellington-based producer/vocalist Hybrid Rose has collaborated with Christchurch hip-hop artist And$um on the new single ‘Mr Spaceman.’ Having worked as a producer co-writer in the past Hybrid Rose recently made her vocal debut on her 2019 release ‘Dream Team.’

‘Mr Spaceman’ builds on the cyber-pop stylings of ‘Dream Team’ and further solidifies Hybrid Rose’s talent as both a vocalist and producer. The soothing electronic beats mixed with the dreamy synthesizers give the track a spacey R&B feel that lives up to its namesake.

‘Mr Spaceman’ is littered with vocal easter eggs and references that will excite any space or science fiction fan. Rose makes vocal references to the infamous Apollo 13 quote “Houston we have a problem” as well as name dropping David Bowie’s fictional astronaut “Major Tom” throughout the choruses, which adds a nice touch of extra personality and flavour to the track.

‘Mr Spaceman’ is essentially the collision of two worlds. And$um brings a rap dynamic into the mix that builds upon the lyrical themes of loneliness and isolation presented by Rose in the opening bars. And$um brings a vocal contrast that helps elevate the track to becoming a brilliantly catchy cyber-pop/rap tour de force that you can’t help but groove to.

Hybrid Rose is set to release her debut album later this year and And$um is set to release his debut album in the coming months.

Check out ‘Mr Spaceman’ below;

As well as the accompanying video;

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