Hxrman: Better Do Less

January 23, 2020

New Plymouth based hip-hop trailblazer Hxrman has released the latest single from his upcoming album ‘Can You Not’. The track, ‘Better Do Less’, is an introspective piece of self-scrutiny about the artist noticing his toxic behavior and its potential consequences, with Hxrman expressing a desire to change for the better.

Hxrman’s signature hard-hitting flow is layered over the bouncy melancholic production of Russian beatmaker SCXNDAL, who is producing the entirety of the upcoming album.

‘Better Do Less’ follows up from Hxrman’s previously released single ‘Bad Mood’ and sees the rapper taking a reflective approach. Through ‘Better Do Less’, Hxrman acknowledges his past grievances and self-serving behavior showing gratitude to the universe for not punishing him as severely as it could have.

‘Can You Not’ is scheduled for a February 14th release, until then you can run up ‘Better Do Less’ below;

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