Hunter Davison: Ecstasy

January 22, 2021

‘Ecstasy’ is the brand new track from Hunter Davison. After taking a year-long hiatus to work on new music, Davison has collaborated with the up and coming and ever-elusive REID. With a mixture of Davison’s raw and unique husky nuances and REID’s seemingly effortless runs, the song is a sorrowful tale of lust and young love.

It can be said that there is a trend within music where so much of what is currently being released is stripped back, raw and intriguing from the first note. The dash of vinyl crackle allows the authenticity of the lyrics to really shine through; what seems like an attempt to create an illusion of intimacy. To be expected with an R&B track the chorus hits hard with a strong bassline groove and heavy 808 subs, filling in the low ends of the track. A full drum kit gives a (literal) kick into the song by formally establishing the beat.

The lyrics are provocative, alluring and suggestive. “That bad bitch energy” could be taken two ways but in this context, one can easily identify that it is a compliment as opposed to misogynistic; “You’re my queen, my honey bee” solidifies that idea. The musical soundscape is palatable and kept very clean. Each instrumental layer used with absolute precision to highlight the lyrics which sit on top. The track could have had the vocals more forward, but one could argue that this is a personal preference.

REID’s vocal runs are incomparable to any other artist – they are just THAT good. Period.

Inspiration for the track stems from Davison’s own personal life where he was tasked to write a song that emulates “bad bitch energy”. Davison has created a persona within the song where despite jarring colloquialism – there is deep respect for a lover where they are pedestalled and described with such tender lyricism that screams ‘instant attraction’.

“My girlfriend tasked me with writing a ‘bad bitch’ song. And I didn’t know how to do that as I’ve never tried before. Most of the stuff I’ve written is about being sad or being in love, but this song is more of an anthem about the attraction of two people from a suggestive but respectful standpoint.” – Davison on the inspiration for the song.

Davison and REID met back in February of 2019 through University. After writing the initial idea Davison contacted REID who was more than happy to collaborate on the song. Through working together on this track they found a compatible match between their songwriting and musicianship. This is certainly a duo worth keeping an eye out for in future!

You can check out the track below.

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