Hazza Making Noise: Boomers In Disguise

September 11, 2020

Hazza Making Noise has returned with the release of his new single ‘Boomers in Disguise’.

Hazza Making Noise (HMN) has released a steady stream of alternative rock songs over the past few years. Hazza isn’t afraid to experiment with his music. A lot of his songs borrow elements from other genres which gives Hazza’s music a unique sound. 

‘Boomers in Disguise’ is inspired by the early Arctic Monkeys sound. Hazza takes a step away from the sound of his previous single ‘Alkaline,’ instead opting to take a less experimental, more straightforward punk rock approach. The guitar work is excellent on ‘Boomers in Disguise.’ Hazza has a strong instrumental hook that perfectly blends into the chanted vocals. The song is inherently catchy, and like all good punk rock isn’t overly complicated. 

Despite what the name suggests ‘Boomers in Disguise’ isn’t an anti-Boomer song, instead, it is critiquing Millennial and Gen Z culture. Hazza asks the prominent question “Are we all just boomers in disguise? We all love to criticize.” Despite the song’s tongue in cheek nature, Hazza makes the poignant observation that we all act like Boomers from time to time.    

‘Boomers in Disguise’ is a strong single from Hazza Making Noise. The song has strong energy to it which will see it quickly become a crowd favourite at live shows. Don’t be a Boomer, crank up the stereo, and play this one loud. 

You can listen to ‘Boomers in Disguise’ here: 

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