Goodspace: Under the Loquat Tree

May 24, 2020

Auckland three-piece band Goodspace have released a new EP “Under the Loquat Tree.”

Goodspace, at their core, are an Indie rock band that experiments with different elements. “Under the Loquat Tree” has elements of hip hop and even calls upon Britpop in certain areas. This blending of genres overall works really well and the songs all have a unique flavour to them. The track “Amy” in particular has an interesting bridge and outro. The song experiments with different vocal tracks intertwining with one another and it helps to break the band away from following a standard pop song structure.

“Under the Loquat Tree” flows incredibly well and the six-song EP is calming to listen to. The album’s elements of shoegaze, clean guitars and the soothing vocal harmonies help to take the listener to the ‘good space’ that the band are writing from. Goodspace isn’t afraid to experiment with extra instrumentation. The closing track “Get” has a trumpet melody during the choruses and “Braces” has an orchestral track.

“Braces” is the stand out track of the EP. It’s a warm track that harkens back to the Orch-pop sound that Oasis helped revive during the peak of brit-pop. “Braces” is where Goodspace fully achieves their concept. They create a very vivid, engaging track that is both relaxing and has good lyrical imagery.

Jeff Chen’s vocals suit the vibe that the band is going for perfectly. He gives a clean performance throughout the EP and provides soothing background vocals on “So Sweet Are” as bassist Lloyd Thomason takes over main vocal duties. Chen isn’t a belting vocalist but he has a good range that brings an interesting dynamic to the band.

“Under the Loquat Tree” is an EP that blends styles of various genres and is definitely worth checking out. No matter your music preferences you’ll find something to love on “Under the Loquat Tree.”

You can stream the EP here;

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