Giantess: Big Women

May 13, 2020

Wellington-based band Giantess have released their debut album “Big Woman.”

“Big Woman” comes amid a very active year for Giantess. On Valentine’s Day, they released their debut single ‘The News’ which was met with a warm reception and still garners regular airplay on student radio stations. ‘The News’ which also doubles as the album opener was the perfect introduction to Giantess. It featured sweltering guitar effects reminiscent of New Zealand rock royalty Weta and was an overall very dark, very fun indie pop-track. Fans of ‘The News’ will be pleased that “Big Woman” is very much in the same vein as the single. 

Kiki Van Newtown is the songwriting force behind the band having composed the music and lyrics for all of the nine tracks. “Big Woman” is a break-up album and a good one at that. Recorded over two years, “Big Woman” charts the course of grief through to vision, braiding together feminine rage, ecology, ethics, and hope. 

“Big Woman” is filled with powerful riffs and choruses. Jason Erskine produced, mixed and mastered the record and exceptionally captures the big sound of Giantess. Guitar tracks are layered and heavy use of delay pedals give the record a sound which is larger than life. Giantess is going for an arena rock style sound on “Big Woman” and they capture it. Van Newtown’s vocals are overdubbed and layered; it gives songs like “The Flood ” and “The Fire ” more of a grungy feel. 

Giantess sound tight on the record and Van Newtown showcases her ability as a songwriter. “Big Woman” is filled with catchy hooks and interesting guitar lines. Van Newtown, for the most part, uses a mix of acoustic and electric guitars with an occasional piano melody in the mix. These are well-crafted rock songs that lyrically achieve what Van Newtown set out to. “Big Woman” gives the listener an insight into Van Newtown’s feeling of heartbreak and how she perceives the world. “Big Woman” has a beautifully dark feel to it. The record demands to be played loud and the neighbours will thank you for introducing them to one of Wellington’s best-kept secrets. 

 You can listen to the album here; 

You can stream the video for Gone Gone Golden here;

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