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July 8, 2019

Emerging as a frontrunner in New Zealand’s fashion industry is start-up clothing brand ‘YesPlease!’ Founded at the start of the year by Vlad Hartopeanu, the label blends together imaginative designs, with the raw energy of contemporary streetwear to create a series of bold and unique pieces.

Creating a company on your own can be a leap of faith, but Vlad sought inspiration from the stylings and success of major players in fuckthepopulation (FTP), Foulplay and Fucking Awesome. Iconic pieces and stylings from these international labels helped break the mold of mainstream fashion, moving the streetwear culture forward.

“I feel like a lot of startups are too scared to do what they actually want because people aren’t going to like it,” says Vlad. “One of my favorite designs was in collaboration with a friend who does design as a hobby. The design is the RYM teddy bear, which is a bootleg of the famous Ralph Lauren polo bear, wearing a 1/4 zip I had released in the past. That attention to detail was super cool and it’s something I don’t see often.  I feel like a lot of startups just make some boring logo hoodies which is never fresh and exciting.”

Wanting to create something special right from the start was important for Vlad, who didn’t want to look back on life with regrets. ‘YesPlease!’ embodies the ethos of these major streetwear companies and seeks to create something free from judgement.

“I started ‘YesPlease!’ in January 2019 right before my 20th birthday.  A huge inspiration of mine was Zac and his brand Fuckthepopulation (FTP). I take a lot of inspiration from their designs and I hope to one day have a presence like theirs. I like the whole mentality behind that brand as well – do whatever the fuck you want and who cares what anyone else thinks. This is something I’ve been following since the beginning and I hope that people who like my brand have that same vibe. I want it to feel like a family you know, like ‘YesPlease!’ has your back or something”.

Although the label has started to receive its share of praise and success, the pitfalls of a startup are often unavoidable, with troubles and delays from international suppliers affecting upcoming drops. But rather than dwelling on problems, Vlad seeks to use them as motivation and continues to push forward with his designs.

“What I’m currently working on for the future is reflective 3M jackets and pants for winter. I have my first samples of the reflective jackets in, but it is getting delayed due to payment difficulties overseas. This is just one of those things that you have to deal with, and it can be super frustrating.”

‘YesPlease!’ is about not being afraid to live in the moment and create things that truly make you happy. As at the end of the day “you’re gonna die anyway and life’s what you make of it.”

Check out their store here, https://yespleasemfg.bigcartel.com/

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