Gajuar: Stupid Hat/ Daffodil Stains

May 16, 2020

Wellington-based musician Gajuar has released two new singles “Stupid Hat” and “Daffodil Stains.” 

Gajuar’s music is best described as lo-fi Indie Pop. On “Stupid Hat” in particular, you can hear the muffled distortion on the electric guitar. This aesthetic choice works surprisingly well. It gives the songs a more personal feel. Gajuar is wearing his heart on his sleeve in both songs, the lyrics are very personal and introspective. Gajuar is reflecting on a past relationship and the lo-fi sound lends itself to the songs well. The songs feel as if Gajuar is inviting you into his room to play his art for you. 

The musicianship is outstanding. “Stupid Hat” in particular feels like a standard indie-pop song during the intro. Instead, Gajuar very subtly layers vocal tracks and starts using different instrumentation before the song goes into a break down which breaks away from the standard pop song structure, the result is a very unique and interesting listening experience. “Daffodil Stains” follows suit as well. Gajuar subverts expectations away. The lo-fi aesthetic presents the illusion that the songs will be very basic when in reality they’re actually quite complex and experimental. 

“Daffodil Stains” plays with the idea of flipping expectations. After the first verse on the track, Gajuar uses a sample of James Acaster’s stand up comedy and changes the tone. Bill Hick’s experimented with adding instrumental tracks to a stand-up performance to help heighten the emotional impact with his posthumous 1997 album “Arizona Bay,” a practice which for the most part hasn’t become common. Gajuar does it really well here. Gajuar and James Acaster are emotionally coming from the same place, they’re both unlucky in love and reflecting upon it. The instrumental on “Daffodil Stains” has an upbeat feel to it but when coupled with Acaster’s stand up it highlights the emotional stress and frustration of Acaster’s jokes and brings a new meaning to them. Gajuar then cuts every track except Acaster who sums up the theme of both songs perfectly with the punchline; “What if every relationship you’ve ever been in, is someone slowly figuring out they didn’t like you as much as they hoped you would?” 

Gajuar has released two very unique songs. He has an incredible amount of talent as a songwriter and lyrically he can express himself exceptionally well. He isn’t afraid to experiment or hide his emotions or his true self from his audience. He has shown a lot of promise. If you’re a fan of music then Gajuar is an artist that is worth checking out. 

You can stream the songs here; 

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