May 21, 2020

Auckland based FABLE releases the emotional cut ‘SAFE.’

The last single to be released off of FABLE’s upcoming EP, ‘A Place Called Home’, ‘SAFE’ is a touching and heartfelt song about love.

Produced by frequent collaborator 2047, FABLE’s captivating vocals are placed upon large and ambient production with the artist reminiscing on intimate moments.

Gliding over dreamy synths and melodies FABLE creates a relatable story about love and the feeling of comfort it can bring.

Not wanting to rush through the release FABLE explains the track was a long time in the making, “I’ve been sitting on this beat since mid last year not knowing what to do with it. The production was so amazing I didn’t want to rush into it and back it into a corner, I wanted to give it time and space to develop. It wasn’t until the start of this year that we started working on it.”

Trying to conceptualize the somewhat vague idea of love FABLE does an exceptional job of expressing genuine feeling and emotion throughout the song.

You can check out ‘SAFE’ below.

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