ELDER: Words Again

April 16, 2021

ELDER re-emerges with the new single ‘Words Again’.

After making his name as a producer, ELDER steps into the fray as a vocalist with ‘Words Again’. Produced by Sadie and mixed by Red Bull Engineer Ben Lawson, ‘Words Again’ is an upbeat track seeing ELDER ‘lost for words’ over a special someone.

Incorporating elements of pop, rap and dancehall ‘Words Again’ is an incredibly catchy release. ‘Words Again’ does a great job of building tension. The energy of the production ebbs and flows before exploding into a high octane and memorable chorus. ELDER’s delivery sits perfectly on top of the dynamic instrumentation, with both elements blending in harmony.

The track is ELDER’s first official release as a vocalist, previously producing for a slew of local and overseas artists.

Words Again will be the leading single for ELDER’s debut E.P ‘Midnight Memoirs’, which is due to release on the 14th of May.

Check out the track below.