Edie – Be Who You Are

December 5, 2019

A collection of intimate moments form the base of electronic artist Edie’s video ‘Be Who You Are’. Directed by Lee Gingold (Beatles, Drax Project, Hauschka) and presented by Mouthfull Productions, the video is a delightfully charming, collaborative process that seeks to highlight life’s simple pleasures.

The video is filled with real people, doing real things and creates the perfect backdrop for Edie’s synth-led track to shine. The editing technique emphasises the importance of the present moment, as we are introduced to a series, albeit shortly, of colorful characters truly living in their moment.

Director Lee Gingold speaks about the inspiration behind the video, “For me, this is a film about love. Not romantic love, but the kind of love we feel when we become truly connected with the present moment. It’s easy to miss this or take it for granted. I’ve observed that when we see it on others it spreads to us.

“Presence and joy are infectious and that’s what we are hoping to do with this video. We want to share simple joy and shine a positive light on humanity at a time we could really use it.”

The track itself is a gorgeous piece, featuring minimalistic electronic production coupled with Edie’s melodic and elegant vocal delivery. Anna Edgington, the life force behind Edie, elaborates on the video

“In a time full of distraction, anxiety-inducing media bombardment and the resulting loss of self and disconnection, we wanted to zoom into those moments of peace and at one-ness, where we are able to reconnect with ourselves and the world/people around us. Lee has an uncanny ability to capture the true essence of people and places, so I knew he was the perfect director to approach. We wanted to capture real people in their happy place; whether the happy place was a big or small, weird or wonderful, it didn’t matter. Sometimes we need to be reminded that these moments are possible, that human joy can triumph, and share in each other’s ecstasy.”

The end result being a cohesive and delightful combination of different multi-media ideas.

Check out the video for yourself below:

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