Echo Train Records: Ultraviolet

September 18, 2020
Echo Train

Christchurch label Echo Train returns with its third release.

The release comes courtesy of electronic producer Ultraviolet. Known for incorporating several genres and styles into his music, Ultraviolet puts forward two dreamy tracks in ‘U’ and ‘G0-45T’.

With a slew of recent tracks, including a recent collaboration with Big Fresh Collective and Parisian label High Digital, Ultraviolet brings his unique and ethereal style to Echo Train. 

‘G0-45T’ provides the 2 track EP with a dream-like intro, before diving headfirst into the chaotic bass-driven cyclone of track two. The fractured, washed-out vocals from ‘U’ provide a haunting contrast to the opening track. Drawing inspiration from each other, ‘G0-45T’ and ‘U’ take similar elements in the track but present them in a distinctly unique way.

Moody and full of emotion, the release is another exceptional offering from the emerging Christchurch based label.

You can check the tracks out below.

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