Echo Train: Junus Orca

March 25, 2021

Echo Train Records return with their fourth release, courtesy of Junus Orca.

The recent release consists of two ethereal and immersive tracks in “Not Everything Has To Be Something” and “Never Really Here (Everyday Hurt)”. 

The opening track “Not Everything Has To Be Something” is a chaotic and upbeat sampling of electronica packed-full of rave-like energy. This is juxtaposed with the softer and hypnotic “Never Really Here (Everyday Hurt)”, which showcases a more tranquil side of Junus Orca.

The two tracks complement each other exceptionally well and showcase the diversity of Junus Orca. The EP ebbs and flows with its energy and production, taking you on a journey from a wild night out to the soothing aftermath of the next morning.

Continuing their impressive run of form, the Christchurch based label Echo Train once again offers an incredible and unique selection of electronic music.

You can check out the release below.