Echo Train emerges with its debut release

May 13, 2020
Echo Train

New Zealand electronic label Echo Train emerges with its debut release.

The two tracks, ‘Inter Alios’ and ‘we once knew’, come courtesy of Christchurch producer Jagā. Moody and full of character, the songs are an ode to the uncertainty of the night and the feelings it brings. As Jagā explains, “The songs are pretty dark I guess and come from a place that is a bit cloudy from the past. The cover of darkness makes me feel warm, but a little anxious at times.”

With glimmering synths and haunting vocals, ‘Inter Alios’ is a dreamy nightscape song reminiscent of the early 80’s cyber-punk soundtracks. Cloaked in a hazy blanket of uncertainty, the track envelopes a sense of the mystery that can unfold in the darkness. ‘We once knew’ builds upon these ideas and adds its own unique charm. Embracing the charm of early 2000s rave culture, the track pays homage to the memories made during youth. 

The release marks the start of the Christchurch label Echo Train, who look to bring a fresh perspective to New Zealand’s electronic environment. Inspired by Christchurch’s vibrant underground music scene the label incorporates a unique blend of breakbeat, electro, garage, ambient, melodic electronic music.

Check them out below.

You can purchase the tracks via Bandcamp here,


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