Disciple Pati: Atma

November 29, 2020
Disciple Pati

Disciple Pati releases the new track ‘Atma’. 

Coming off the back of her debut track ‘The Boy Who Cried Woman’, Disciple Pati has returned with her highly anticipated new single ‘Atma.’

‘Atma’ takes a hard turn towards electronic/pop with this introspective, but energetic track. ‘Atma’ is a strong follow-up single for the artist. Disciple Pati has a distinct lower register that sounds fantastic when combined with Leaping Tiger’s recognisable percussion sound. Disciple Pati is a strong vocalist and gives a solid performance on the track. 

Lyrically, ‘Atma’ is a very introverted song. From the opening line Disciple Pati sings “I ate up all your lies. I can’t make it right. Struggling to fight.” There is a sense of endearment to the lyrics, however, as she goes on to sing “Nothing else compares to me. I have to leave you behind, cause you ain’t gonna take up my mind.’ This line sang over the build-up in the instrumental backing mixed with the backing vocals makes for a powerful pre-chorus. The lyrical content within the track is relatable and encompasses the feelings that come with a break up wonderfully. 

The video to ‘Atma’ is visually striking. Directed by Fa’anati Mamea with Lokelani creating the iconic make-up looks, the music video matches the tone of the song perfectly. The atmospheric lighting mixed with the contrast of blue and black colour coating throughout the video breathes personality and captures the feeling of the introverted lyrics perfectly. 

Leaping Tiger produced ‘Atma’ while Dera Meelan mixed and arranged the track. ‘Atma’ is a strong follow up to ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf.’ Disciple Pati shows an immense amount of promise and is an artist to keep an eye on. 

You can watch the video below.

And stream the song.

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