Diaz Grimm: 2am NewYork 2018

August 13, 2020
Diaz Grimm

Well-known and respected Aotearoa rapper Diaz Grimm makes his long-awaited return with a double single release, ‘WWYD’ and ‘2am NewYork 2018’. The tracks are taken from his upcoming EP ‘YUNG NEWZEALAND’. Hailing from the small town of Cambridge, Grimm released his debut album, OSIRIS, in 2015.

‘WWYD’ is a smooth and motivational track with lyrics detailing Grimm’s past hardships and where his hard work and persistence has found him in the present. The beat flaunts a steady bassline and guitar sample backed by the rappers equally unrelenting flow. The track is accompanied by a music video shot by cinematographer and director Luke Versalko.

‘2am NewYork 2018’ is a more calm, ruminative track. The introspective lyrics create a moody atmosphere that fits perfectly over the beat. With crooning vocals over a melancholic guitar sample, the production and vocals are a great match to create the ideal song for a late-night drive. The video is once again shot by Luke Versalko.

The two singles will feature on Diaz Grimm’s upcoming seven-track EP, ‘YUNG NEWZEALAND’, set for release later this year. The upcoming new EP is a long-anticipated return from the celebrated Aotearoa rapper with a lot of new exciting music on the way.

Check them out below.

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