Dharmarat: WUTA

July 10, 2020

Dharmarat marks his return to 2020 with a music video for ‘WUTA’.

Directed by Félix Vaunois, the video is an action-packed adventure seeing Dharmarat navigate the late-night streets of Auckland while having a run-in with police.

Produced by Dera Meelan, ‘WUTA’ is a high-tempo ensemble seeing Dharmarat deliver hard-hitting bar after bar. With grainy dashcam type footage, the video captures the authenticity and nature of Dharmarat’s rhymes.

Aside from a slew of notable features, 2020 has seen the Auckland artist taking a break from releasing music of his own. Taking to Instagram following the video the artist explains, “big love to everyone who has been patient with me and supported regardless this year, this is the final chapter of me dragging my 2019 work. P.S. I have no choice but to give you guys new music this year, eyes peeled.”

With a back catalogue already full of classics, we can hope to see more this year from one of New Zealand’s premier talents.

Check out the video for ‘WUTA’ on Unearthed Sound below.

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