Dharmarat – WLKNZ

December 2, 2019

With another solid project under his belt, local powerhouse Dharmarat makes sure to remind everyone of his status in the Auckland rap scene. ‘WLKNZ’ is the latest project to be released by the already veteran New Zealand rapper. Who’s artistry is matched only by his phenomenal work ethic. With yet another 2019 album released, following his 2019 projects ‘Now What’ and ‘He Said; Still Running’. Dharmarat’s latest project flaunts both proficient rapping and production, making ‘WLKNZ’ arguably his best project yet.

Delving deep into personal experiences, all 12 tracks on the project display the artist’s great songwriting ability. With well constructed and introspective lyrics paired with his signature smokey vocal delivery, Dharmarat’s rapping on this project is as strong as ever.

The production on the project also makes it a very smooth listen, showcasing masterful sound design, instrumentation, and mixing. With a slew of great production features from Choicevaughan, Vautier & Hor. All of which add a refreshing new dynamic to each of the tracks they appear on. The silky soul-inspired instrumentation and crisp drums throughout the whole project are a perfect match for Dharmarat’s rapping and subject matter. Not only does each track stand strong on its own, but the cohesion of the production makes the entire project a great body of work. One in which the production is very much a strength overall, and ties all the songs together perfectly.

‘WLKNZ’ is a fantastic collection of songs to coming into the summer. Yet another solid entry in Dharmarat’s steadily growing discography. With great songwriting, production and artistic choices. This is a project sure to put him on the map, and one that shines as bright in his catalog as the summer sun.

Check out the album below;

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