November 30, 2020
Daily J

Indie rock band Daily J have released their anticipated debut album ‘VENUS ATE MARS’.

Hailing from the deep-rooted rock lands of Blenheim, the now Auckland-based Daily J have constructed their own unique sound, offering blissful blends of warm swirling melodies, dynamic basslines and a subtle pop electronica influence. Daily J is made up of the brothers, Jayden on vocals/guitar, Jesse on sax/keys, Jonny on bass and friends Cody on lead guitar, and Rick on drums. 

The album opens with the uplifting track ‘Let It Go.’ The track has a nice blend of acoustic and electric guitars. The melody in the chorus is both uplifting and incredibly catchy. There is a psychedelic element to the record with a lot of the songs featuring swirling guitars and sustained harmonies that act as a nice nod to the likes of My Morning Jacket.

‘Golden Light’ is another vibrant track. The saxophone solo in the outro of the song sounds fantastic and gives extra life to an already fantastic track. The creativity in this song seeps through and oozes personality and talent. ‘Golden Light’ is one of the stand-out tracks of the album with the catchy guitar melodies blending perfectly 

The single ‘Sunshine Hides’ is another strong song that highlights the band’s talent in writing strong hooks. The keyboard line throughout the verses is inherently catchy and personifies the more melancholic tone that the track goes for.

‘Left Me Like Summer’ is another stand-out from the album. The clean guitars blend nicely and the dubbed vocal harmonies sound fantastic. Lyrically, ‘Left Me Like Summer’ portrays an interesting, relatable narrative about a lover walking out of a relationship. 

Jayden delivers solid vocal performances throughout the album. Jayden has a dynamic voice that lends itself beautifully to the songwriting. Songs such as ‘All For You,’ ‘Sunshine Hides,’ and ‘Let It Go’ both highlight his capability as a vocalist as well as the band’s ability to write strong and catchy vocal hooks. 

Daily J layer tracks to give their songs a full and vibrant sound. The technique works well as sonically a lot is happening and the band sounds larger than life. ‘Skylah’ is an upbeat, fun Indie song. Again, the blending of electric and acoustic guitars sound fantastic. Multiple lead melodies are coming in and out of the mix: saxophone, guitar, and keys all have lead licks within the song, and the track progresses to the full and powerful outro chorus. 

The album closes out with the song ‘Tear On.’ The keyboard line in the track is moody and brings a more sombre tone to the song. The saxophone solo is fantastic, with the steady build of guitar and keyboard tracks underneath before transitioning into the outro ends the album on a high note. ‘Tear On’ is a fantastic close to a fantastic debut album. 

‘VENUS ATE MARS’ is a strong debut album and an impressive collection of songs. Daily J deliver a collection of fun, Indie Pop songs that incorporate a nice mixture of keys and saxophone. With the vibrant songwriting, warm, uplifting lyrics, and catchy melodies ‘VENUS ATE MARS’ is the perfect soundtrack for the summer.

You can check out the album below.

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