Creative Spaces: Somber

September 13, 2019

Creative Spaces is a series that looks to explore the intimate spaces that artists operate in. I sit in with each artist as they create music and speak to them about the process that inspires that music. Our third installment is with Auckland based artist and producer Somber.

With a business-first approach, Somber has no time for games and his creative space radiates this hardworking mindset. The studio operates out of a spare room in his flat and Somber treats the booth like a place of work. Choosing to clock in and clock out, the hardworking artist has a DIY attitude that permeates throughout his music. We caught up with him to immerse ourselves in the diligent mindset of the young artist.

“I treat my studio as a creative space only. I believe energy is truly important, so there’s no fucked-up energy in here. If anyone wants to come in and argue or whatever it’s not a part of this, the studio is in its own world. The only rule I have is that it’s a creative space only, no eating, no watching YouTube or other videos unless they’re for learning.

When I’m producing, I come in and usually start with a piano, I make a melody and start making the beat from there. I’m only ever in here if I’m feeling inspired, so it means I’m only ever working in here. If I’m recording I just open up a beat and start recording, I don’t really write anymore. I just set the mic up and punch in and punch out.”

Check out his latest drop ‘Prey’ featuring 3onawav below;

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