Creative Spaces: Shallows

August 7, 2019

Creative Spaces is a series that looks to explore the intimate spaces that artists operate in. I sit in with each artist as they create music and speak to them about the process that inspires that music. Our first installment is with Auckland producer and engineer Shallows.

Nestled in the heart of his bedroom, Auckland producer Shallows creative space is a DIY endeavor. With a series of gear dotted around the home studio, the producer has an organized chaos to his workflow. Drawing inspiration from everyday life Shallows enjoys the ability to create in his own time, and not having to conform to a schedule. We caught up with him to immerse ourselves in his creative space, and get an understanding of how the talented producer likes to operate.

“Because my studio is in my bedroom it’s not an insanely creative space, so I tend to go out into the world and listen to different music, talk to people and just work. Then I like to have something in my head and come in. This is essentially my workshop, it’s where I work with other people. The set-up is always expanding and I’m always getting more tools to play with.

I’m just trying to expand my base of operations, I do quite like having a studio in my house. It means I can get up and just start making music, or keep making music until I go to sleep. In terms of inspiration I tend to want to leave the house more than stay here, it helps me get more creative, especially with lyrics and songwriting.”

Check out his Soundcloud here;

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