Creative Spaces: Chronic Shnxman

September 2, 2019

Creative Spaces is a series that looks to explore the intimate spaces that artists operate in. I sit in with each artist as they create music and speak to them about the process that inspires that music. Our second installment is with Wellington artist and producer Chronic Shnxman.

Amongst the Wellington suburb of Hataitai lies Chronic Shnxman’s creative space. Nestled amongst friends and fellow artists, the talented artist and producer sets up in his bedroom to create an intimate home studio. We caught up with him to document his music-making experience and chat about what it is that inspires him to create.

“It’s always come home have a cone to start, always. Then I’ll open Fruity Loops and see if I want to start working on something new, and if I’m feeling it, I’ll just try and get it finished as quickly as possible and move on to the next thing. If I’m really fueled up, I’ll be trying to get things done and stay focused. Because I always have ideas flowing and it can be hard to capture an idea and stay on it without moving on to something new. So I always try and finish something before moving onto the next.

“My creative space is just about trying to nestle down on one or two ideas rather than the 15 or 20 that I’ve thought about during the day. If I’m working with another artist that’s where a lot of the creative potential will blossom, I’ll be able to tap into their creative flow and maybe find something that I necessarily wouldn’t of found on my own. It’ll inspire me more to work harder on something and try different things.

“Sometimes I’ll literally just make music for fun. I’ll make a song and just say a whole bunch of fucked shit on it, then just get fucked up listening to it with the lads. That’s also a really fun part of it because for ages I was just writing metal and it would take so long to finish a song. It just became a chore because you’d release some music, and the push wouldn’t help and you wouldn’t go anywhere with it, or you couldn’t see yourself playing it live. I heard all this new music and thought I could give it a try as well. Now it’s so much fun to be able to do a song in like 2-3 hours, you can listen to that over and over again and do different things with it. That always inspires me because I know I’ll be able to get it done quickly and it’ll be fun as fuck. The main thing for me is having fun, and trying to keep the ideas simple.

It’s hard to tie down creativity for me, because it’s always so different.”

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