Corduroy. Spaceships (If I Came Back Again)

February 12, 2021

Corduroy. return with the infectious new single ‘Spaceships (If I Came Back Again)’.

Blending elements of funk, disco and indie-pop ‘Spaceships (If I Came Back Again)’ is an electric track that enthrals you to boogie. Incorporating a four on the floor rhythm, the track has a constant groove that draws inspiration from the likes of Daft Punk and Parcels.

Following up from their first single ‘I’m So Bored’, ‘Spaceships (If I Came Back Again)’ is the second track from the band’s upcoming EP ‘Poor Man’s Velvet’. The EP focuses on inner conflict and emotional juxtaposition, drawing on themes of internal frustration, self-expectation and pressure.

‘Spaceships (If I Came Back Again)’ is packed full of energy that encapsulates the band’s incredible live performances. After a whirlwind of Summer shows, ‘Spaceships (If I Came Back Again) sees the band continuing their momentum.

Speaking on the making of the track the band explain, “This song was started over 2 years ago when we just had the chorus instrumental our keyboard player presented to us, but no verses or lyrics. We tried to make this little riff into a song for years, but could never manage to get past writer’s block, and eventually placed it in the too-hard box and discarded it. Over lockdown, we had plenty of time to work on it individually, and finally, came up with a verse and lyrics. It came together very fast at first post lockdown practice.”

You can check out the track below.

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