Church & AP – Teeth

December 6, 2019

‘TEETH’ is the latest project from local Auckland hip hop duo Church & AP. Off the heels of their double EP ‘Cathedral/All Purpose’ released earlier in 2019, the pair have united once more to deliver a fresh and one of a kind album executive produced by frequent collaborator Dera Meelan. The combination of creativity between all 3 artists makes ‘TEETH’ a project like none other to come out of the Auckland hip hop scene so far.

The songwriting led by both members of the duo is definitely a highlight of the project, with the singular feature from ‘Deadforest’ also being a great addition to the project. Exceptionally catchy flows, memorable one-liners and relatable perspectives make the project an extremely fun listen all the way through. Backed up by the energetic and vibrant vocal delivery on many of the hooks, the lyrics on the album have been purposely made sure not to be ignored by the listener. Every track has a lyrical moment to be remembered as well as quoted later for any given situation.

The production on the album, all of which was done by local hip hop producer and DJ Dera Meelan, sets it apart from other NZ hip hop projects. Making it stand out sonically and providing a distinct edge that definitely adds to the project overall. The coarse bass synths, peculiar percussion and eerie electronic synths being the sounds of choice for the sound design. Giving it both an aggressive and almost haunting aesthetic. Not to mention the great mixing and hard-hitting drums on every one of the 10 tracks.

This album is one that not only achieves a high level of quality in both songwriting and production, but sets the bar high in terms of creative choices in a hip-hop project. With unique creative directions taken all throughout and with welcome experimentation, the project is anything but forgettable. ‘TEETH’ provides the NZ music scene with something special to be remembered. A project that when looked back upon in a few years, is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Check out the album below;

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