Chronic Shnxman: Rapture

June 14, 2020
Chronic Shxnman

Wellington musician Chronic Shnxman has returned with the heavy-hitting track ‘Rapture’. Made primarily on an 8 string guitar, the track is an aggressive and high octane piece of music.

We caught up with the artist to chat about how the song came together.

Check out the conversation below.

Tell me a little bit about your latest release Rapture? What were some of your thoughts and feelings leading into making it?

Well, I had been getting tired of trying to make the “heaviest” sound out of sampled bass and whatnot, and recently I’ve been playing around on the 8 string again. So, yeah I decided to give in to my inner temptations and made a filthy lil crossover of the two. When I made the beat or instrumentation or whatever I knew I had to write something to it and just fucking run it up straight ay.

You mentioned you wrote it on an 8-string, tell me more about using that?

It’s a weapon. It’s a pretty big boy for these average-sized man hands y’know. Nah honestly this song was sooo easy to make cause it quite literally is just a big breakdown with some techy lil post-production tricks. 

The guitar itself is an Ibanez TAM10, tuned to EBEADGBE – which is fairly standard tuning for 8 strings, so it goes lowww. Making the bass hit with such a low tuning was the most challenging part – distortion, eq and compression!!

You produced the song in its entirety, tell me a little about how it all came together?

I was making beats all day and decided it was time for a break, so I plugged the guitar in for a jam. Pretty sure I was just jamming and thought fuck it haha.

As I said before, it’s just a breakdown so I only recorded one riff for the entire thing. The choppier parts of the song are just sections of the riff I recorded, manipulated to sound like they’re played differently. It was heaps of fun playing around with and the whole song was finished in a few days. The lyrics were one of the most fun parts to put together, cause I turned the rap mind off and went for a metal-based delivery – so I went to town on making sure they were dark and destructive.

The song is heavy, what were you trying to capture making a track like this?

A full-blown rapture to a heaven we have never prayed too, a completely different religion constructed before our time that we lost to our selfish lies and misguidance. I wanted to make it tie in with the pandemic, of course, but without referring to COVID or anything like that. I wanted to make sure the song stayed in a more fantastical realm than reality.

You produce and make a lot of different music, that ranges across a lot of genres, how do you tackle writing something like this compared to a hip-hop piece?

I have to switch off a whole lot more for something like this to come out. It’s hard not adding a whole other section to a song like this or putting too many leads on top, or writing far too many lyrics to it – the first version of the beat was near 4 mins long or some shit and that’s just too long for one riff to keep recycling, unless you’re Meshuggah hahaha (no hate I fucken love that shit.)

I had to think in a completely different way when it came to the lyrics and structure of the song too, it was refreshing to write something far more straight forward than a 32 bar or something.

Do you have a favourite type of music to make?

No, I’m at a crossroads with what I wanna do so it’s hard to answer that question right now! I think I like making this shit right now, cause it’s so much more for me than anyone else, but I don’t know if I like it more than rap, hardcore, prog shit etc.

They’re all made in different mindsets with different goals set out so it’s hard to compare and weigh upon each other.

What’s going to be coming after this?

I want to make HELLSTORM II with Dozy Doe, so I’m thinking about when I’ll be going up to push that out with him. I haven’t thought about constructing anymore Shnxman tapes or anything because I just don’t see the fun in it at the moment and I wanna let the rest of my music breathe for awhile too. 

I’ll probably be dropping singles and trying to put together a small package of 8 string-based songs too! We’ll see though, life’s being life right now so I’m focusing on that for a bit, feels good.

Check out ‘Rapture’ below.

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