Chris Bates: they don’t know a thing about me

April 2, 2021

Auckland based pop artist Chris Bates has launched his new single ‘they don’t know a thing about me’. A raw and honest piano ballad from this young musician, the track explores themes of anxiety and self-doubt. 

Building up a steady number of streams from his previous singles and a loyal fan base, Chris has established a name for himself in the Auckland music scene and continues to branch out with this latest musical offering. 

A shift away from the more pop and R&B sounding songs of Chris’, they don’t know a thing about me is a slow-burning piano ballad. A simple piano chord progression allows Chris’ smooth and pure vocals to sit front and centre on this track, highlighting the personal and emotive lyrics. The production by Christian Tjandrawinata and Harry Charles is clean and keeps the focus on the vocals and lyrics.

Although the track is mostly just Chris and the piano, there’s a nice shift in the second chorus with soaring harmonies supporting Chris’ lead vocals beautifully. This helps to push the track along into its instrumental with the harmonies continuing, before finishing with Chris’ lead vocals and softer piano for the final chorus, creating a real intimate moment for the listener. The song is honest, thought-provoking and relatable.

‘They don’t know a thing about me; is the lead single from Chris’ upcoming second EP. Expect to hear more from Chris Bates soon as he continues to make his way in the New Zealand music scene.

Check out the song below.