Big Guts Billy: Don’t Mind Me

August 19, 2019

‘Don’t Mind Me’ is a 7 track collaboration from Christchurch rapper Big Guts Billy and producer Infectiouss. Loaded with hard-hitting rhyme schemes layered on crisp and soulful instrumentals, ‘Don’t Mind Me’ comes together to create a captivating listening experience.

Both established musicians in their own right, Billy credits the tape being finished due to the tight-knit relationship between the two artists.

“The project came naturally as me and Zac have a pretty close relationship and send beats/songs/projects back and forth to each other constantly. As a rapper hearing his new beats every day, recording a verse or two over em was bound to happen. Next minute we’re 7 tracks deep, and thought we’d drop a tape.”

With both artists involved in the entire process, putting together this project was no small feat. But the duo remained hands-on throughout the affair to create something special.

“The whole thing is executive produced by Infectiouss and was written, recorded, mixed and mastered by me. I also had my hands in structurally making sure the beats worked for the songs, but I can’t take away from the massive amount of work Zac (Infectiouss) put into this project.”

The project is gritty, in your face and unforgiving, but there are some exceptional introspective moments that take you by surprise. With a wide sound-scape full of beautiful chops and melodies, Infectiouss’s instrumentals create the perfect canvas for Billy to shine.

“The art direction is the best visual representation of the music we could possibly get. We went back and forth a few times but ultimately everything I did ended up grainy, noisy, dusty and dark and that’s exactly what we wanted. Zac also had a major part in the art direction as well as the soundscape, dude reaaaally went in.”

With features from Christchurch hip-hop heavyweights RyChi and Eke, ‘Don’t Mind Me’ is an exciting and engaging listen from start to finish. Check it out below;

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