Belladonna: Salty Dog

August 14, 2020

Wellington-based artist Belladonna has released her debut EP ‘Salty Dog.’

Belladonna has released a collection of fun, dreamy pop songs that map out young adulthood with a uniquely New Zealand approach. There is a certain nostalgic feel that Belladonna manages to capture. ‘Salty Dog’ explores a series of scenarios and feelings that will be all too familiar for an older audience looking back on days gone past. ‘Salty Dog’ explores the highs and lows of young adulthood, and is an exploration of Belladonna learning to adjust to the adult world.  

Belladonna injects a level of humour within her music. Belladonna isn’t afraid to take digs at herself. Opening track ‘Salty Dog’ has the line: “I called my mum, but she has more on than me most days.” 

‘Hands’ is an upbeat guitar song with a catchy beat and chorus. ‘Hands’ exemplifies Belladonna’s ability to craft hooky pop songs.

 ‘Calling Out Your Name’ showcases one of the strongest vocal performances on the EP. Belladonna has a fantastic voice. ‘Calling Out Your Name’ in particular showcases the range she is capable of performing. The chorus on the track is very uptempo and features and works fantastically well.

‘Kiss Me’ is another song that builds up the instrumentation as the track goes on. ‘Salty Dog’ manages to stay fresh and exciting because of the dynamic and extended instrumentation that Belladonna and producer Shannon Fowler bring to each song. ‘Kiss Me,’ as much of EP, starts fairly basic but builds to a series of synthesisers and guitars overlapping with unique melody lines. This sound gives Belladonna a very distinct style and shows that she isn’t afraid to experiment within her music. 

The previously released single ‘Perfectly Good’ closes out the EP. The track is a soft, piano-based song that lyrically explores frustrations of romance. ‘Perfectly Good’ is a fantastic end to this collection of tracks, and captures the feeling of the EP perfectly. 

‘Salty Dog’ is a nostalgia-filled EP that is full of life. Belladonna has written a series of catchy, interesting songs that capture the feeling perfectly of what she set out to do. ‘Salty Dog’ as an EP serves as a blanket you’ll want to wrap yourself in. 

You can listen to the EP here; 

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