Behind The Booth: And$um

August 27, 2019

Welcome to Behind The Booth. A new series looking at the creative spaces artists operate in, and what inspires them to make music. Behind The Booth seeks to capture the intimate creative moments of an artist and take a behind the scenes view of how they operate. We sit with them as they write, record, produce or just create, and hope to capture some of the finer details.

Our first episode is with Christchurch artist And$um. Who treats his booth like a work station, choosing to clock in and out to make the most of his time. Nestled in the seaside suburb of Lyttelton, And$um’s stand-alone studio allows him a dedicated space to focus on music and other creative endeavors.

After seeing success with his last EP Gone Again, which was featured on the home page of Spotify and clocked up nearly 50,000 streams, And$um is coming back with his Sunshine/Rain project. Which is due for release on the 13th of September.

Check out the full episode below;

Conceived by Sam Dunlay
Shot and edited by Tuha Tuimaka

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