Bad Hagrid: American Song

April 3, 2020

Eclectic Wellington band Bad Hagrid have returned to conjure up their new single “American Song.”

Bought alive in 2018, Bad Hagrid tells the story of unique yet relatable characters. “American Song” is about a pair of travellers that were encountered in a hostel in Vienna who built an interesting relationship around the way they presented themselves as contradictory debaters, believing in nihilism and that banks should have control.

Although the concept might sound dense, Bad Hagrid has a distinct sense of humour that shines through in their music. During live performances, each member of the outfit wears a fake beard that mimics the beard of the character Hagrid from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Despite the tongue in cheek nature of the group, their music is tight.

“American Song” takes the listener on a musical journey. “American Song” is constantly building to a climax, breaking down and then building again all while asking the hard questions such as “How does that work? How does that work? The system of the free, I hope it doesn’t affect me.” Praise is to be given to the synthesizers their melodic two-note pattern at the end of each chorus before transitioning into a lead melody that mimics the guitars gives a sense of urgency to the song and matches the tone of the lyrics perfectly.

The vocal performance is strong and the concept is explored surprisingly well. “American Song” is a catchy rock space rock number. This is a band with a big imagination and the talent to flesh out their ideas. If you’re in the Wellington region and can catch one of their live shows Bad Hagrid is definitely worth journeying through the Forbidden Forest for.

You can listen to “American Song” below.

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