Audiophysical: Cosmos

May 13, 2020

With the support from NZ On Air, Audiophysical has collaborated with Wallace on the groovy new track “Cosmos.”

Andre Lamb better known by his stage name, Audiophysical, has been active in the past decade releasing an EP, three full-length LPs and a fistful of other tracks either on compilations or as singles. Audiophysical has become known for his dream-like ambience and the aesthetic that he brings to his tracks and artworks. “Cosmos” is a continuation of this and fits perfectly within his body of work.

Audiophysical has in the past mainly produced instrumental tracks. For “Cosmos” Wellington born, now London based Wallace Gollon AKA Wallace takes lead vocal duties and pulls it off masterfully. Wallace brings a soulful flair to the track. “Cosmos” is exactly as the title suggests; a dreamy, spaced out neo-soul odyssey. Wallace has a lot of range in her voice and effortlessly pulls off the performance on “Cosmos.”

Aesthetically the accompanying music video nails the tone of the song perfectly. The background visuals show a range of nature shots such as waves crashing, the grand canyon and the aurora borealis amongst others superimposed over shots of galaxies with Wallace in the centre screen singing from the cosmos. It has a relaxed, chill vibe to it and it works incredibly well. Like the song itself, the video is very soothing.

Lamb produced the track and his chops as a producer shine through. Audiophysical creates some beautifully crafted music. He isn’t scared to experiment with a wide range of instruments and samples. “Cosmos” is incredibly crisp, flows well and like Audiophysical’s discography is perfect to listen to when you just want to chill and mellow out.

Audiophysical promises big plans for late 2020 and he is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Check out “Cosmos” below.

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