And$um: Feel The Same

October 9, 2020

And$um and VALENTINA, formally known as Hybrid Rose, have teamed up on the moody single ‘Feel The Same.’ 

‘Feel The Same’ marks the second collaboration between Christchurch based musician And$um and Wellington-based musician Valentina. Having previously released the single ‘Mr Spaceman’ which was featured on Apple Music’s New Music Daily and hit student radio top tens all around the country, ‘Feel The Same’ is another fantastic release for the pair. There is a strong emotional depth to the song. The track is filled with introspective lyrics with And$um reflecting on what it means to be a musician within the industry. 

Instrumentally, ‘Feel The Same’ has a moody undertone to it. The keyboard underlay blends perfectly with the guitar line and creates an atmospheric feel to the song. Valentina brings a strong verse to the song. The vocal effects on her voice give the song a nice melodic flow. The production on the track is fantastic, ‘Feel The Same’ has a smooth flow to it, and the in and out drum beats in the second half of the song are catchy and give the track a strong instrumental hook.  

‘Feel The Same’ marks And$um’s first self-produced release with additional production coming courtesy of Valentina. “This track has been a long time in the making,” And$um explains. “It’s the first time I’ve released something that I have self-produced, which is super exciting. I had the first half of the song finished and then sent the track to Rose. She added a whole new track and completely brought it to life.” 

‘Feel The Same’ is the final single leading up to the release of And$um’s forthcoming ‘Late Nights’ EP. It marks another strong release for the artist and showcases the chemistry and strong dynamic between the artist and VALENTINA. 

You can listen to the track here.

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