Alae: Frozen In LA

November 10, 2020

New Zealand Indie Pop act Alae returns with another Summer funk single, ‘Frozen in LA’. 

‘Frozen in LA’ is the fifth release from Alae following the release of their recent EP ‘LUCY’S MIXTAPE’, which featured the singles ‘Hit Me Where it Hurts’ and ‘Summer Thing.’ 

‘Frozen in LA’ is another strong single from the band. The track is an incredibly catchy, uplifting song with a strong instrumental hook. The chorus is upbeat and is tied together by a well-crafted guitar line that blends perfectly with the mid-tempo drum beat, and funky bass line. 

‘Frozen in LA’ has a solid groove to the song and highlights singer Alex Farrell-Davey’s capability as a vocalist. Davey gives a smooth vocal performance on the song with the verses demonstrating his capability to carry a groovy melody before belting out into a more Pop influenced chorus. In combining these two distinct styles Alae has a sound that makes them stand out and gives them a unique, catchy sound. 

Talking about the track, vocalist Davey said that “‘Frozen in L.A’is all about working hard and forgetting about the opinions of others. My internalisation of other’s thoughts of my music has always limited what it is that I’ve thought I’m capable of as a musician and I’m so over limiting myself because of it. Ultimately, as individuals, we are in control of our journey and what it is that we can and can’t do. This song is about making that connection.”

Mikee Carpinter directed the accompanying music video which has a very distinct 90s vibe to it. Filmed on the streets of Auckland, the music video captures the feeling of the song perfectly. The cinematography is outstanding and the grainy effect gives the video an added sense of nostalgia. 

Alae has been releasing a steady stream of tracks over the year with their song ‘Summer Thing’ hitting the #1 spot on The Most added Radioscope Charts, Top 5 in the New Zealand Airplay Charts and debuting at #2 on The NZ Hot Singles Chart, all while clocking in over 61,000 views on YouTube.

You can stream the single below.

You can watch the music video here

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