Adam Tukiri: Son

April 2, 2021

Adam Tukiri emerges with the introspective album ‘Son’.

Adam Tukiri (FKA Dharmarat) makes his introduction to the world with the self-produced album ‘Son’. Throughout the album, Tukiri showcases his exceptional penmanship and artistry as he muses over family life and other topics close to home.

‘Son’ is introspective and the tracks read like an entry to a diary. The opening track ‘That Goodbye’ starts the project off on an emotive high, and sets the tone to come. The production on the album is often minimal and allows Tukiri’s heartfelt delivery to take centre stage.

A highlight on the take is the gospel style ‘Anna’ featuring established MC Rizvan. With a choir-like sample and touching hook from Rizvan, the track is a stand-out moment on the album. The project boasts a series of incredible moments both in its songwriting and production. When both of these elements come together something special is created, and thankfully, this happens often across the project. ‘Couldn’t Say Goodbye’, ‘Mohe’, and ‘Don’t Forget Me’ are just some of the further highlights from the project.

Speaking on the process of making ‘Son’ Tukiri explains, “I started this project before Level 4 last year and finished it in Feb this year. It was originally gonna be mixed in with my last project as Dharmarat and I was gonna call it ‘Belial & Son’. Then lockdown happened, my partner got pregnant and I kept making these heartfelt streams of consciousness type songs. It’s not actually an album entirely about my son, just one that was to show another side to my creativity, a juxtaposition to BELIAL.”

‘Son’ follows the release of two previous singles for Tukiri, ‘IMPORTANT’ and ‘Kilme2’. The album is an exceptional introduction from Adam Tukiri and sees the artist firmly cementing his place as one of Aotearoa’s finest.

You can stream ‘Son’ below.