ABRZY: 80 Different Ways

August 28, 2020

‘80 Different Ways’ is the newest album from Wellington rapper ABRZY (Ay. Breezy). ABRZY is a young Muslim artist, originally born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Over the last few years, he has been tirelessly working on new music releasing a slew of singles and music videos.

His newest 7 track album is a deep dive into his upbringing, aspirations, family and culture. The album features vibrant storytelling touching on not only personal family issues but wider social issues revolving around street violence, addiction and justice systems failing impoverished communities. ABRZY shows off witty wordplay and clever one-liners delivered with high energy and rapid flows. His rapping switching from English to Bengali on the project is also a refreshing addition, letting his culture and heritage shine through. 

The production on the project is a varied mix of high energy trap and drill beats. The oriental vocals and instruments used in the instrumentals also add a signature sound that perfectly fits the project’s story and the artist telling them.

‘80 Different Ways’ is a raw and dynamic album with a fresh perspective that keeps the listener both energized and engaged. ‘80 Different Ways’ solidifies ABRZY as not just an adept rapper, but also a masterful storyteller.

Check out the album below.

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