A Conversation with TwoMinds

September 26, 2020

TwoMinds is a multi-faceted creative collective with a focus on putting on unique and exciting live shows.

Ahead of their upcoming ‘TwoMinds Project Volume 2’ gig, we caught up with Dan from the collective. We chatted about getting started, what makes their shows unique, and what you can expect at their upcoming gig.

Check out the interview below.

Tell me how TwoMinds came together? What were the early days like?

We’re still in the early days that’s for sure! Our first gig was a launch party in the backyard of Liam’s flat in February, and following that we hibernated for 8 weeks and made a magazine haha – it’s called Minds Magazine. The idea of TwoMinds I guess stemmed from a group of us all going to, and getting inspired by gigs of various sorts – and deciding we’d like to have a real crack at this ourselves! And now there’s just an endless continuum of idea development.

You’ve been playing regular gigs around the city, what do you want people to experience at a ‘TwoMinds’ gig?

In simple, we want people to enjoy themselves. When people come to a TwoMinds gig, we want them to feel like they’re stepping into a new environment – one that allows them to enjoy not only the music in front of them, but the people and the artistic elements around them all equally! AND do lots of dancing. 

With all the gigs going on in Christchurch, how are you guys looking to differentiate yourselves?

We’re still trying to learn as much as possible from the gigs we go to at the moment, from people who have been doing this for much longer than we have! Although what we do put a lot of emphasis on, is bringing people together to enjoy the total experience of our events, and the feeling this creates, rather than putting emphasis on big headline acts.

Obviously, with COVID that has put a halt to the live music scene across the world, how has this affected you?

We’re in a pretty lucky position where we’re still just playing at the moment! We have had to postpone a few shows, but with the shit that’s going on around the world, it’s seriously insignificant! During the first lockdown, we used the time to make a magazine, so in that sense, it was actually great haha! This time was spent in comms with a bunch of photographers and other young creatives – who were all super keen to be involved in something fun, as they also were in isolation! So – we made a mag that showcases the unmatched environment of parties, gigs, and festivals, from the varying perspectives of a range of talented film photographers, as well seeking inspiration from other young creatives doing cool shit! 100 pages of it haha.

What was the reception to your first TwoMinds Project like?

Fuckin ridiculous to be honest with you. We were mind blown! After having to postpone it, to begin with, when we re-launched the new date it sold out in 30 minutes. We were also super stoked with the amount of enjoyment had by everyone at the event also! It was a real nice group of our good mates who all added to the environment and everyone seemed to really enjoy it! It was a little emotional to be fair – it was our first proper event and it went super well, thanks to a lot of people!

You’ve got ‘TwoMinds Project Volume 2’ on the Horizon, tell me a little about what people can expect from the upcoming gig?

Ahh man, the venue for this one is just stunning! So we’re excited for people to experience this, to begin with. But what people can expect here is to enjoy some seriously talented young kiwi artists, in a unique artistic environment, surrounded by amazing people! Hopefully, people can expect optimum levels of enjoyment throughout the whole night, and expect to be surprised!

You have a range of acts across different genres that appear on your line-ups, how do you go about putting a gig together?

I guess bringing together house music and live music into the same environment is a key driver and the initial idea we wanted to develop. We’re trying to showcase young artists that we personally enjoy – and whether people have listened to them often or not, we believe they’ll enjoy them also! We’re also trying to do whatever we can to put females on stage, to show the girls in the crowd that they can do it also!

What are some of the future plans we can look forward to from TwoMinds?

We have a pretty fun New Year period lined up with a TwoMinds Takeover at Le Currents Festival on December 27th where Liam, Jake, Corb, and Ferg – the TwoMinds crew – will be playing! We’re also working on something super fun for November 28th, and following this, we’ll just be continuing to work on and develop our ideas. Trying to create different environments for more and more people to enjoy, whether this is at an outdoor venue or in a big warehouse, we’ll be working on it. We’d also like to play in different cities which we’ll work on as well. 

You can buy tickets for the upcoming TwoMinds gig on October 2nd below.—Volume-II.utr

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